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ELRHA GBV Innovation Challenge: Driving The Adoption of GBV M&E Approaches


While various monitoring and evaluation (M&E) approaches have been developed for and by the humanitarian sector, their uptake is low, leading to a lack of evidence on the effectiveness of GBV programmes in emergencies.

The aim of this Challenge is to develop a better understanding of the barriers faced by humanitarian actors when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of GBV programmes and to develop solutions to overcome them.


Possible solutions in response to this challenge are expected to fall under one or several of the following operational to systemic categories:

  1. solutions to improve the access and usability of the available M&E approaches among GBV in emergencies (GBViE) actors.

  2. solutions to improve the capacity of humanitarian actors to use the existing M&E approaches to measure GBViE programme performance at the outcome level.

  3. incentives for implementing outcomes-focused M&E approaches.

  4. relevant policies and/or mechanisms to enforce them.

  5. solutions to change sociocultural attitudes and biases against gendered programming among humanitarian actors.

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