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ELRHA Wash Innovation Challenge: Exploring the Barriers to Inclusion faced by People living with Incontinence


In humanitarian settings, incontinence could restrict access to essential services such as distributions of food, water or health services, or restrict the ability to meaningfully participate in decision-making processes, leading to further social exclusion and vulnerability.

Incontinence management has recently started getting attention in the humanitarian sector, most noticeably in conversations about sanitation materials. However, there is still little information about the experiences of and barriers faced by people living with incontinence when it comes to accessing relevant services and meaningfully participating in needs assessments, and in the design, implementation and evaluation of WASH humanitarian programmes.

The aim of this Challenge is to build on existing evidence and insights to further understand the barriers to inclusion that people living with incontinence face, so that more holistic, effective and inclusive WASH programmes can be developed.


Projects will be at the Problem Recognition stage of the innovation process and will aim to provide a comprehensive and developed understanding of the barriers to inclusion faced by people living with incontinence in a specific humanitarian context.

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