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Keeping the Internet Secure, Stable and Resilient: The Perspective from the Point of View of the Technical Community

the Speakers

David Conrad – Chief Technology Officer, ICANN

As the Chief Technology Officer of the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), David Conrad is at the heart the organization’s mission to help maintain the security, resiliency and stability of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers that ICANN helps coordinate. Prior to being named CTO, Conrad held several different positions at ICANN, including Vice President of Infrastructure & Technology and General Manager of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Before joining ICANN, Conrad helped found a number of Internet startups, including Nominum, a firm focused on Internet name and address management products and services and was involved in the creation of the second Regional Internet Registry (RIR), Asia Pacific Network Information Center, the Internet address allocator for the Asia and Pacific Rim region.


Tripti Sinha – Executive Director of MAX and AVP/CTO of the University of Maryland’s Division of Information Technology

Tripti Sinha is the Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer within the Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland. She leads Advanced Cyber Infrastructure and Internet Global Services (ACIGS) and is the Executive Director of Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX). Tripti has been with the university since 1990 and has more than 25 years of technology leadership experience in areas ranging from software engineering to advanced cyber infrastructure.


Veni Markovski (Moderator) – Vice President, UN Engagement – New York, ICANN

Veni is one of the Internet pioneers in Bulgaria, where he co-founded both his own Internet company in 1993 – the first Internet service provider in the capital, Sofia, and in 1995 an influential policy-making non-profit, the Internet Society of Bulgaria, of which he’s the chairman of the Board. Between 2002 and 2012 he has served as chairman of the Bulgarian President’s Information Technologies Advisory Committee. Markovski has also served on the Board of Directors of ICANN, the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society and the Board of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, among others.

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