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Inter-agency round-table on Blockchain for the SDGs

  • Room Concordia 1 Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland (map)

The SDG Lab and UNECE invites you to an inter-agency roundtable on blockchain.

A form of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain is providing new frontiers of innovation for sustainable development by facilitating economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection through decentralized authentication processes secured by cryptography.

Driven by start-up pioneers, blockchain technologies have developed rapidly over the last few years and have the potential to transform fundamental mechanisms that define how the economy, governmental institutions, and society at large operate and collaborate.

Many UN agencies have seen the potential of this technology and how it can help achieve different outcomes linked to the UN 2030 Agenda. We believe the time is apt for inter-agency actors in this space to connect and engage together.

Your agencies have been identified as contributors to the SDG solutions and possibilities driven by blockchain. We invite you to share your work and experience in this area. Your participation will help to inform and build knowledge on the stream of blockchain initiatives within the UN as well illuminate certain questions, such as:

  • What activities and areas of the SDGs 2030 Agenda can benefit from the application of this technology?

  • What pilots have you launched or are you considering launching with blockchain?

  • What is/was your experience and lessons learned so far?

  • What practical next steps do you envisage for blockchain’s contribution to the SDGs and the role of the UN community?

To learn more and to register, please click here.