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Workshop on Communicating Gender Data

Utilizing gender data to inform policy making, enhance accountability, advocate for change and track progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals is critical to keeping the promise of leaving no one behind.

Gender data, even when available, is often underutilized and misinterpreted due to factors such as: a disconnect between the priorities of data users and producers, limited open data accessibility, limited statistical literacy, interest and understanding on the part of data users such as policy-makers and the media; and difficulty on the part of data producers to formulate and disseminate data messages in a clear and accessible way and to meaningfully structure and visualize data in innovative and digestible ways for consumers.

To overcome some of these challenges, UN Women and ESCAP Statistics Division are partnering to deliver a hands-on training workshop for data users and producers on how to communicate, understand and use gender data.

The workshop will convene data users and producers from countries in Asia and the Pacific, including from National Statistical Offices, Line Ministries, Civil Society Organizations and the Media.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To provide data producers with guidelines on communicating gender data

  2. To train/familiarize data producers on gender data visualization techniques; on media messaging and making gender statistics appealing to the general public

  3. To create dialogue between data users and producers to align priorities and understand each other’s needs

  4. To train/familiarize data users on basic statistical literacy; on strategies to advocate for gender data and with gender data; and on how to utilize gender data to create appealing media stories

  5. Ultimately, to promote an enhanced use of gender statistics

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