AI Disruption, Peace and Security

Novel advances in AI and efforts to integrate AI technologies in critical sectors are gradually transforming all aspects of our society. However, as the field of AI is evolving rapidly, there exists conceptual ambiguity and uncertainty regarding what AI is, what it can do, its perils and promises, and where it is headed. This makes the governance of AI technologies challenging, particularly in the high-risk defence and security context. These challenges are further compounded by the nature of the AI research and innovation landscape that has a strong open-source and democratized culture, being driven largely by the AI research community comprising of big-technology companies, start-ups, university laboratories and individual AI researchers. States cannot thus solely grasp and address the complex issues associated with advances in AI technologies and their impact on international peace and security. These complex challenges first and foremost require systematic and continuous multistakeholder deliberations. In this spirit, the 2022 Innovations Dialogue will provide a platform for governments, the AI research community, and civil society to collectively decode AI and examine the disruptive impact of AI advances on international peace and security today and in the future.

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