AI for Autonomous & Assisted Driving (Meeting of the ITU Focus Group)

AI can play a significant role to reduce 1.3 million road deaths and 25 million injuries (SDG 3.6) occurring each year, whilst also encouraging safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems (SDG 11.2). However, the widespread, socially acceptable, deployment of AI on our roads is dependent upon technology achieving public trust.​ The FG-AI4AD supports standardization activities for services and applications enabled by AI systems in autonomous and assisted driving. The FG-AI4AD will focus upon the behavioural evaluation of AI responsible for the dynamic driving task in accordance with the 1949 and 1968 Convention on Road Traffic of the UNECE Global Forum for Road Safety. To build public trust it is fundamental that the performance of AI on our road meets, or exceeds, the performance of a competent and careful human driver. The FG aims to create international harmonisation on the definition of a minimal performance threshold for these AI systems (such as AI as a Driver).
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