AI for Good Global Summit - How AI impacts Chess and the Game of World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

Chess-playing computers have been better than human World Chess Champions for more than 20 years now. However, when DeepMind published a preprint in December 2017 (which was published in the journal Science in December 2018) about AlphaZero, a computer program based on neural networks and mastering the games of chess, shogi and go, not only the world of chess paid attention. Key Topics: – What have been AI developments in chess since AlphaZero? – How has AI influenced and changed Magnus Carlsen’s preparation? – Has human chess become better because of AI? – How has AI been used to ensure prevent cheating: the use case of Magnus Carlsen Invitational (18 April – 3 May 2020) – The use of AI in chess for kids – What might be future developments of AI in chess?
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