AI for Good Global Summit - Indigenous Knowledge and AI

Indigenous knowledge, for the most part, exists in the form of oral histories, ancient texts in the original language, paper archives, and unstructured Wikipedia entries. How can their digital transformation into AI-suitable datasets represent an important step in helping future machines become aware of global cultures? Join us as our guests demo an indigenous knowledge graph on the evolution of food from the vantage point of Cherokee, Crow, Navajo, ancient Persian, Samoan, and Timorese traditions and discuss ways it could nurture sustainable actions and make AI more culturally aware. Also, the Cherokee language has been spoken for more than 3500 years and written since 1821. Since the creation of the Cherokee Syllabary by Sequoyah, the history of the United States was written by the newest arrivals, however there are over 2 million documents in existence written in the Cherokee Syllabary. Using technology that includes AI, learn about ways we can unlock the words, stories, and history, from the mellennia-old voices of our ancestors. online all year, weekly programming with 1-3 events
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