Assessing Agricultural Innovation Systems: A Training Manual

As countries seek to transform agriculture to meet the SDGs while adapting to climate change and other pressing challenges, they need information on how well their innovation systems actually work. They need evidence regarding their strengths and weaknesses and insights into opportunities and entry points for accelerating agricultural innovation. An assessment of AIS can provide such data and information, or can help countries access such data. The results of such an assessment can inform policy dialogue, guide capacity development interventions and suggest investment priorities. The assessment process is also a capacity development opportunity in its own right; it raises awareness among stakeholders as the assessment is planned and carried out. The results become actions for strengthening capacities, which improve the AIS. However, most countries have yet to conduct an AIS assessment. Accordingly, there is a need for raising awareness of what an AIS assessment entails and can achieve, how to plan and organize an assessment and how to train personnel involved in an assessment. This training manual addresses these needs.

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