Cobots for Good: The Future of Human-Robot Collaboration

Today’s robots operate autonomously in structured, isolated environments under constant human oversight. This has begun to change with the increasing adoption of collaborative robots (cobots) capable of performing different tasks interdependently with humans as peers, in unstructured and dynamic environments both at home and at work. Human-robot collaboration is enabling robots to interact and integrate effectively alongside humans, releasing them from tasks that may be too dangerous, strenuous or tedious, while improving quality and productivity. However, many operational safety challenges should be solved for robots to achieve a widespread adoption. In this webinar we will explore how we are transitioning from assembly-line robots to high flexible and reliable cobots, including cutting-edge solutions that allow robots to reduce collisions with humans, the interplay between design and physical interaction, and how robotic collaborative systems are emerging as a powerful enabler of human-robot skill transfer.

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