Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development13 Stories from the UNDP Accelerator Labs

This report provides 13 case studies of the collective intelligence initiatives developed and run by the Accelerator Labs in their first year of operation. It shows how the Labs have started to use collective intelligence design to accelerate work within complex systems (five case studies), monitor the environment in real-time to fill data gaps (two case studies), create new forms of accountability and governance (two early-stage case studies), and mobilize distributed problem solving (four case studies, focusing on the COVID-19 crisis). The case studies provide an overview of what each Lab did and the methods used. It summarizes some of the successes to be built on, and common challenges to be addressed, as the Labs enter their second year of implementation. This report accompanies a second publication, Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Getting smarter together, which provides an overview of the use of collective intelligence methods within global development.

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