Digital Transformation for People-Oriented Cities and Communities

To strengthen the technical and institutional capacities of stakeholders in driving digital transformation in the urban domain, the “Toolkit on Digital Transformation for People-Oriented Cities and Communities” was developed by ITU and 12 other partners. This Toolkit draws a connection between the technological and interoperable solutions for urban operations, while supporting the enhancement of the ability of authorities to envision and adopt cutting edge technologies to make society more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. This Toolkit includes insights on international standards and provides guidance, use-cases on the application of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with the latest reports on the ever-evolving topic of digital transformation. The Toolkit can universally benefit cities and communities, as well as regions and countries regardless of their level of smart or digital development, or their geographical or economic status. This AI for Good Webinar will be a unique opportunity to understand the benefits of leveraging this Toolkit across the smart city ecosystem, while keeping digital transformation as the fulcrum.

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