Engaging Governing Bodies on Innovation

Governing Bodies play an integral part within any organisation: they provide oversight, ensure the organisation is following a cohesive and relevant strategy, and monitor impact and spending. This is especially true within international organisations like the UN, whose work is guided, approved and funded by their Member States / Governing Bodies. In an effort to uncover strategies on how to engage Governing Bodies on innovation, the UN Innovation Network invited the World Bank, UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP) to share their experiences and approaches. Follow along to see how the World Bank engaged their Board through the development of a tech strategy. Observe how UNICEF created an innovative and interactive format for traditional Board meetings by working around protocol and inviting non-traditional guests. Discover how WFP designed a project fair and mentoring café to create direct, meaningful interactions between Board members and WFP’s innovators. And learn about several other approaches UN Entities have used to engage their Governing Boards on Innovation.

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