Ensuring Safe Water and Sanitation for All - A Solution through Science, Technology and Innovation

Whilst factors including better policies and governance, increased funding, improved infrastructure, and increased data availability for better decision-making are central to resolving water and sanitation issues, there is no doubt that Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) can play a particularly significant role. Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the vital role of STI in delivering solutions to critical challenges. Countries are now more attentive to the development and deployment of new technologies and processes. New applications of existing technology and techniques have great potential to increase the efficiency of existing water and sanitation systems and to secure water and sanitation for all. STI for water has thus played a central role in discussion at recent international water policy events.1 It will be a key focus in the upcoming 2023 UN Water Conference and the 2022 International Water Association Congress in Copenhagen. This paper explores the role of STI as key enablers of catalytic actions toward achieving universal access to safe water and sanitation. The second chapter will discuss the progress in implementing SDG 6 and challenges in meeting its targets. The third chapter will provide an analytical framework for and examples of practical STI solutions which address issues in providing water and sanitation services. Chapter four highlights the global effort to build partnerships and cooperation in achieving SDG 6. Finally, chapter five will propose recommendations to be considered by policymakers and the international community

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