Global Data Pledge Launch – A foundation for tomorrow

In this painful global pandemic, humanity with all its technology and goodwill has clearly demonstrated its fragility. We are in a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery. We live in a connected and interdependent world. As such complex challenges cannot be solved by individual countries or an organization alone, it requires collective action and global cooperation. We aim to propose an international Pledge on global data resources opened to contributions from national governments, institutions and private organizations alike. It does not replace what already exists, it acts as a catalyst for it. The Pledge calls for establishing a multilateral system for data resources sharing that includes global rules for access and standards to maximize the impact and benefits of sharing of those data assets at scale. Our collective mission is to help identify, manage and distribute data on a massive scale in order for humanity to be more efficient and innovative at responding to crisis. Join us in a series of conversations and workgroups. This is your opportunity to get involved in designing what is next.

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