Global Launch of UNTAPPED: Collective Intelligence for Climate Action

UNTAPPED: Collective Intelligence for Climate Action was officially launched on Earth Day 2024. UNTAPPED is first-of-its-kind research which reveals that collective intelligence can advance climate action by generating more real-time, localized climate data and mobilizing more people with diverse perspectives. The launch event calls on development actors to leverage this untapped resource in the fight against climate change. UNTAPPED describes how we can generate more real-time, hyper-local climate data and mobilize diverse groups of people to take action on climate-related crises. Conducted in partnership with Nesta's Centre for Collective Intelligence Design, UNTAPPED analyzes 100+ case studies across 45 countries that tap into people’s participation and use new forms of data to adapt to the impact of climate change and reduce carbon emissions. With insights from these speakers: \- Achim Steiner, Administrator, UNDP \- Ms. Helge Elisabeth Zeitler, Director for ‘European Union and Multilateral Development Policy’ Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) \- Ms. Fatima Al Ahbabi, Manager of the Strategic Partnership Department, representing Qatar Fund for Development \- Gina Lucarelli, Global Team Leader, UNDP Accelerator Labs \- Kathy Peach, Director, Nesta Centre for Collective Intelligence Design \- Tyler Amaglo-Kobla, Founder, Smart Nature Freak Youth Volunteers Foundation \- Felix Kadzitu Mumba, County Director in charge of Water & Energy in Tana River County \- Lillian Njoro, Head of Experimentation, UNDP Kenya Accelerator Lab

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