Innovative Learning Solutions to Navigate Complexity: Adapting Systems Thinking to Future Classrooms

In an era defined by intricate challenges such as climate change, inequality and biodiversity loss, a systems perspective has become paramount. The interconnected nature of these issues demands a deep understanding of patterns, relationships and dependencies. This white paper, a collaborative effort between the World Economic Forum and Trinity College Dublin, explores how to embed a systems thinking mindset throughout the education system. In this report, current learning practices merge with evolving demands, unearthing practical examples of a future education that embraces the power of systems thinking. The report details the significance of constant introspection in learning methodologies and recognizes the need for innovative teaching and learning approaches. Emerging digital tools can empower learners to unlock boundless creativity and unleash critical thinking. Through the transformative power of systems thinking in the classroom, this report aims to inspire educators, learners and policy-makers to embrace this essential aspect of learning and education. By nurturing a future generation of tolerant, understanding and discerning thinkers, systems thinking can drive positive change and address the challenges of a complex world.

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