Open Digital Infrastructure for Global Climate Innovation & Accounting

This Digital Discovery Session focuses on the open digital infrastructure for a global transparent climate accounting system. The aim is to balance climate emissions activities against climate mitigation and adaptation activities across all global stakeholders from governments, business, investors to civil society. It will introduce the Hyperledger CA2SIG (Climate Action Special Interest Group) and the Open Earth Foundation and their approach to bridging open collaboration platforms, tools and processes to integrate a fractionalized climate solution and innovation space. The session will present core interrelated initiatives including an Open Global Climate Accounting Network and OpenFinance including a proposed end to end digital green bond framework that links local solutions into climate finance mechanisms and into nested climate accounting. The session will be hosted by Katherine Foster, the Community Director of the Open Earth Foundation, Martin Wainstein, the founder and lead scientist at the Yale Open Innovation Lab, and the Executive Director of the Open Earth Foundation, and Sherwood Moore, the co-chair of the Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group (CA2SIG) with Linux Foundation's Hyperledger blockchain platform.

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