Scanning the Horizon

Experiences from all across the UN show that Entities that have had the most success in the horizon scanning, have in place systems and processes that are inclusive of the people who are most familiar with the challenges on the ground: affected populations or the organisation’s staff. These individuals are the ones who first learn and experience a problem and may already have experimented with creative ways to overcome it. UN Agencies wishing to tap into this innovative spirit need to find ways to uncover challenges, surface innovative ideas, ensure these receive the support they need, and scale successful solutions to have a broad impact across the organisation and beyond. In doing so, organisations need to work with a broad and diverse set of actors, ranging from the people they serve, to staff based in the field, regional offices or at Headquarters, as well as interested individuals in the public, private, academic and not-for-profit sectors who wish to contribute their time and experience to the challenge at hand. The UN Innovation Network, in partnership with UNHCR, brought together innovators from different UN Agencies to share their unique approaches and experiences with scanning the horizon. We invite you to explore how UNFPA engaged a global community in searching for new and creative solutions for young people; learn how WFP designed an organisation-wide approach to sourcing ideas from employees, and gain insights into UNHCR’s approach to connecting with affected populations and supporting innovative solutions in the field.

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