UN Activities on Artificial Intelligence

This interactive directory highlights over 200 cases and AI projects run by the UN system, covering all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ranging from smart agriculture and food systems to transportation, financial services, healthcare and AI solutions to combat COVID-19. In this edition, 46 UN entities were contacted, 40 entities participated, and 226 projects have been presented. Explore this interactive page to discover the extensive work that is taking place within the UN system. For an analysis on key tracks and AI trends, reflected in the report, please download the Executive Summary. The Report is a joint effort between ITU and 46 UN agencies and bodies, all partners of AI for Good and members of the UN Interagency Working Group on AI. This Report is not intended to produce an exhaustive inventory of the UN system’s work on AI. Rather, it is a tool to further collaboration and build common understanding around emerging AI technologies and solutions for the SDGs.

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