UNDP Arab States Futures Series - SciFi: World-building and Experiential Futures

This session was part of a webinar series organised in the framework of the UNDP Youth Futures Fellowship and involving acclaimed futures thinkers from around the world. In October, UNDP launched a participatory futures exercise involving young people in the Arab States and their imaginings of the futures of climate action and civic engagement. 32 young people, from 15 Arab countries were selected from among over 400 creative works, to partake in a 7-week online fellowship programme on futures thinking. You can view their creative pieces in this online gallery: Moderator: Dr John A. Sweeney, an award-winning futurist, designer, and author, with experience in over 45 countries. John tweets on trends, emerging issues, and all things postnormal at @aloha\_futures. Guest speaker: Leah Zaidi, Senior Associate at the Future Today Institute

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