UNDP Digital Strategy 2022-2025

UNDP's new Digital Strategy 2022-2025 aims to get ahead of the ever-evolving digital reality and accelerate work towards achieving the SDGs. The new strategy builds on the momentum created by the first strategy launched in 2018, and lays out UNDP’s long-term vision to ‘help create a world in which digital is an empowering force for people and planet’. As one of the three enablers of the Strategic Plan, digitalization will help UNDP meet our ambitious goals. Among them, supporting 100 million people to escape poverty and assisting 500 million people to gain access to clean energy. The strategy outlines three interconnected objectives through which UNDP will support countries in reaping the benefits of digital technology while mitigating the risks. \- First, amplify development outcomes by embedding digital into all dimensions of our work; experimenting with new approaches and tools, scaling promising solutions, and applying foresight to understand possible futures. \- Second, support societies in their efforts to create more inclusive and resilient digital ecosystems, ensuring they are rights-based and leave no one behind. \- And third, continue to transform and lead by example to meet current and future technological needs. That means prompting #FutureSmartUNDP personnel to continue upgrading their digital skills and using data strategically – helping to future proof the organization.

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