Webinar Series "Industrial Development and the 4th Industrial Revolution"

The initiative features a series of 14 awareness-raising webinars that explore the potential of 4IR digital technologies, highlight their shortcomings and discuss their challenges and risks in promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) with the aim of accelerating the realization of the Decade of Action and delivery for sustainable developed as envisaged by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Each webinar offers an in-depth examination of their operation, mechanisms and relevance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the context of a specific set of industries, i.e. agro-food, automotive, metal-mechanic, textile, leather, fisheries, forestry, mining, natural cosmetics, natural health products, energy and pharma. The webinar series aim at mainstreaming the 4IR in UNIDOs technical cooperation, strategic, normative activities. The webinar series is ongoing and it includes: • Session I Introductory session—Making the Fourth Industrial Revolution work for All • Session II on Blockchain & IoT sensors - Agro-food industry - • Session III on 3D printing - Industrial design, aeronautics, metal mechanics - • Session IV on Drones - Precision Agriculture & Forestry - • Session V on Big data, analytics and advanced sensors - Fisheries - • Session VI on AI, VR and digital twinning - Automotive; • Session VII on QI 4.0 - Natural cosmetics and chemical products; • Session VIII on AI, Big Data and IoT - Energy; • Session IX on UNIDO-WU Innovation Lab - mainstreaming the 4IR in UNIDO operations; • Session X on Investment promotion and partnerships; • Session XI on Digital transformation of SMEs; • Session XII on Smart Factory and Smart products (Nanotechnology, robotics, cloud computing, IoT) - Textile and leather; • Session XIII on Wearables and IoT - Mining; • Session XIV on Robotics, AI, Big Data- Pharma;

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