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Software Developer - Accessibility Cohort

How can you make a difference?

Deliver a working and tested alpha version of a product for children with disabilities around alternative and augmentative communication, in close collaboration with the UNICEF Innovation Fund Accessibility cohort, and taking the lead on the architecture, development and documentation process for the product. The alpha product will be an integration of three to four different existing open source software products and additional feature developments based on UNICEF country office needs.

Main responsibilities will be:

  • Coordinate and manage the architecting, integration and implementation of the alpha product for AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) based on UNICEF country office needs.

    •  Work closely with the UNICEF Innovation Fund’s three AAC companies to seamlessly integrate multiple tech stacks into one open source product.

  • Draft documentation for UNICEF Innovation Fund companies and other technical partners on AAC alpha product development and deployment.

  • Support UNICEF Innovation Fund company stabilize and validate alpha product during user testing phase with UNICEF country offices.

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