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Blockchain Developer

  • UNICEF New York USA (map)

How can you make a difference?

You’ll be part of a blockchain team that builds prototypes and supports startups and UNICEF country offices in their own exploration of the technology. 

You will work with a cross-functional team to build applications to help solve large challenges. You should have some blockchain experience, but more importantly, you should be familiar with building intuitive user interfaces for diverse user groups. You should understand the particular considerations of building web3 applications (managing private keys, network latency, transaction costs, etc.).

Your main responsibilities will be:

  1. Technical Build: 

    • Contribute to the development and deployment of various blockchain related prototypes (note that our team is platform agnostic, and therefore prototypes may be built on various platforms)

    • Contribute to prototypes developed in conjunction with partners (within the UN and externally)

    • Manage the technical environments of such prototypes

  2. Technical Advisory:

    • Act as an advisor to the blockchain startups that UNICEF Ventures invest in, assist the teams in working through challenges, refer to them to additional resources, or act as a connector to mentors

    • Participate in ideation and design of blockchain prototypes. This may include, requirements gathering, architectural design, and technology roadmap

  3. Ecosystem engagement:

    • Engage internally with the blockchain lead, as well as other developers

    • Collaborate with external partners on prototypes or learning

For more information and to apply, please click here.