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Internship - Junior Cybersecurity Policy Analyst

Research policy and technical issues related to the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in relation to global challenges, identifying key issues to be followed up by ITU. Based on the profile of the candidate issues to be included could cover issues such as cybersecurity, sustainability, digital inclusion or internet public policy issues, among others.

  1. Follow up discussions at the UN level in the areas covered by the research, supporting ITU participation at selected ITU and UN events linked to the areas covered in the research, for a, such as the cybersecurity and SDGs, among others.

  2. Produce briefings, content and background reports supporting the development of ITU strategy and position on the issues covered in the research. The content produced may be featured in ITU official documents, communication channels, as well as in future ITU publications.

  3. Support data gathering on ICT networks, services and applications, as well as on the use of ICTs, organizing, processing and analyzing for ITU databases and websites.

  4. Support the organization of ITU events related to the issues covered in the research, engaging with external partners to coordinate content, speakers, follow up actions and logistics before, during and after each event.

  5. Support ITU delegation participating in meetings, workshops and conferences organized by external organizations. This activity includes liaising with external counterparts and supporting ITU delegation during meetings.

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