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National Consultant on Montreal Protocol and Energy Efficiency

  • UNIDO Kabul Afghanistan (map)


A. HPMP Stage I and II

  • Assist and liaise with counterpart organizations such as Afghan-Korean Institute (AKI) in finalization of project activities

  • Updating the inventory for domestic and commercial refrigerator manufacturing sector (DRF and CRF) and survey of any qualified manufacturers such as Sandwich Panel/Spray Foam/other insulation material manufacturers/users

  • Liaise with AKI and other vocational training centers, and identify and select beneficiary training centers, exchange agreements with parent ministries and government institutes, and estimate the project cost for Stage II

    B. GEF Energy Efficiency PPG

  • In consultation with all stakeholders, government, private sector, and international organizations, prepare detailed outline of planned activities

  • Conduct baseline survey at selected SMEs to understand current conditions

  • Conduct surveys at selected SMEs to understand opportunities for improvement in the energy use and production lines

  • Develop and conduct Gender Assessments (Surveys, workshops, collection of documents) related to project activities with beneficiaries and key stakeholders

  • Undertake preparation of environmental and social management plan (ESMP) for the project under supervision of UNIDO project manager and NEPA

  • In consultation with all stakeholders, prepare description of the project implementation and execution modalities and agencies

  • Liaise, manage and coordination stakeholder engagement activities during PPG (including the work of consultants, workshops, and formation of a steering committee)

  • Lead the technical discussions with stakeholders, and represent UNIDO in obtaining of co-financing letters from donors, NGOs, Agencies and Government for the project

  • Develop a stakeholder engagement plan in consultation with the above stakeholders

  • Assist an international consultant to finalize the project document

  • Responsible for quality control of translation of the project related documents into national languages

  • Any other relevant tasks given by program manager and NEPA


  • HPMP stage I completed and final reported submitted

  • HPMP Stage II request prepared and submitted

  • GEF Energy Efficiency Project Document Prepared and submitted with co-financing commitment letters from all co-financing stakeholders, stakeholder engagement plan, taxonomy worksheet, technical & environmental social safeguards (ESS) studies, gender analysis, and project work plan.

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