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Research Assistant for Big Data Analytics

  • National Treasury Pretoria South Africa (map)

About the work
The recent availability of tax administrative and other micro-data on enterprises and jobs in South Africa provides a valuable resource for policy-relevant academic research. This allows for a deeper understanding of the functioning of the private sector, the labour market and public revenue mobilization. The goal is to create well-documented longitudinal datasets with key variables that can be augmented with research topic-specific variables. This serves as a basis for not only tax research but also for other research strands that require micro-level administrative data. In this project, researchers from UNU-WIDER, the National Treasury of the Republic of South Africa (NT) and the South African Revenue Service (SARS), will build and expand the tax administrative and other micro-data available to researchers in South Africa. Policies that promote development need to be built on reliable facts, and administrative data offers an inexpensive way for this.

Duties and responsibilities

  • retrieve, clean, and process data in SQL and Stata

  • maintain the data and resolve errors in the extraction and data cleaning process

  • assist in drafting, reviewing and revising documentation related to the data

  • research assistance (analyse existing data, surveys, reports, technical journals and media)

  • actively participate in meetings related to the position

  • other duties as requested by the supervisor related to the research and administrative work.

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