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Software Developer for the UN Technology Innovation Lab

The goal of the UN Technology Innovation Labs is to function as a start-up environment and create a platform for collaborative problem solving between UN resources, Private sector, Academia and Civil Society. Each Lab will facilitate linking this platform with innovators and mentors from across the globe as well as to facilitate the global exchange of ideas and resources. UNTIL will function as a Laboratory and tool, offering advisory support and guidance that will facilitate problem-solving through hands-on-workshops, immersion-learning, and incubated projects.

Each Lab will focus on specific thematic areas of concern to the host country. Themes will not be duplicated to the extent possible in other global Labs, but technology will be shared and transferred creating an ecosystem of innovative technology tools and test beds for proof of concepts. UNTIL Malaysia will focus on four different thematic areas:  Ethical fashion, Sustainable Tourism, Smart cities – Circular Economy and Financial Inclusion.

Within delegated authority, the “Software programmer” will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Create highly scalable, flexible and resilient architectures that address business problems;

  • Provide solutions and technical architecture for medium to Large websites;

  • Work closely with UI Designers to develop and maintain UI standards and create features based on mockups;

  • Create cascading style sheets (CSS) that are consistent across all browsers, platforms, and products;

  • Use a combination of markup languages to write web pages that adhere to UI and design standards;

  • Understand and develop code for cross-browser compatibility differences as well as identifying and troubleshooting cross-browser compatibility issues, coding problems and other various website issues and provide options for possible solutions;

  • Collaborate with team members to consistently improve functionality and user-friendliness of the web applications;

  • Stay up-to-date on emerging front-end technologies;

  • Ensure projects have accurate estimates, meet provided timelines, and fulfill requirements;

  • Participate in code reviews;

  • Develop technical specification documents and technical roll out plans;

  • Deliver end-user training and related documentations;

  • Plan and deploy the deliverables to the live environment;

  • Support and maintain the delivered project to achieve very high customer satisfaction;

  • Deliver weekly progress reports with all the accomplished tasks and outcomes.

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