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Innovations Advisor

Functional Responsibilities

Under the guidance of the Director, the consultant will execute the following duties:

  • Coordinate the development, testing and deployment of technology tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to advance sustainable development and humanitarian assistance with partner agencies in the Global South (including locations categorized as E hardship category by the International Civil Service Commission);

  • Coordinate the implementation of data innovation projects by Global Pulse and partners, including design, implementation at pilot and large scale with partners in different countries (including locations categorized as hardship duty stations by the International Civil Service Commission);

  • Provide technical inputs for policy formulation towards building a regulatory environment for sustainable access and use of digital data and AI to advance the SDGs;

  • Support the definition and adoption of ethical frameworks and application of common set of principles regarding for the use of big data and for good at national, regional and global levels;

  • Build and maintain strong networks with experts, participants of relevant communities of practice, civil society, private sector, academia, UN country offices and HQ and Member states to support driving the big data for development, AI for good and data philanthropy movements;

  • Maintain a dialogue with stakeholders working on frontier technologies and support outreach of Global Pulse and advocate for the use of big data and AI for good with production of knowledge products, dissemination of project outputs, presentation at conferences and workshops, representing UN Global Pulse at international relevant forums;

  • Contribute to resource mobilization efforts to advance Global Pulse’s strategy with identification of funding opportunities, supporting definition of new proposals and maintaining dialogue with potential donors.

  • Contribute to the overarching strategy and direction of UN Global Pulse and support the implementation of activities and programmes of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General.

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