MapX: Open Source Environmental Web Mapping

Data has become the world’s most valuable and powerful resource. MapX, a collaboration between the Crisis Management Branch and GRID-Geneva, supports the sustainable use of natural resources by providing access to the best available geospatial data, technology, and monitoring tools. Backed by the impartiality of the UN, MapX is the first non-commercial platform to power a variety of applications and websites with the best available data, working towards establishing a global public good of environmental data. MapX directly contributes to the Secretary General’s innovation vision by offering a geospatial online platform, built on cloud-based architecture and open-source software, that can be freely used, developed and scaled by any stakeholder. MapX offers a fully customizable toolkit for easy data aggregation, visualization, analysis and communication of spatial data. This includes a story mapping engine, dashboards for monitoring indicators, and customizable links for sharing and embedding views through digital media platforms. Since 2015, MapX has engaged with projects in 8 countries and connected stakeholders to over 1100 key datasets.

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