Below you can find various innovation resources from the UN System. They’re grouped into UNIN’s own Quarterly Innovation Updates with the latest from around the individual UNIN Members. We also publish Briefs introducing innovation topics, methods, approaches etc. Reports span every aspect of the innovation landscape and are usually published by members of the UN Innovation Network and simply republished here for a better overview of what’s going on in the UN. Lastly, we also re-publish learning materials and other helpful resources in the Guides section.

Quarterly Innovation Updates


Briefs are short introductions to topics of relevance to most innovation practitioners. If you have a suggestion for a topic to be covered in a brief, we’d love to know!


If you have or know of a useful report to include in this section, please do let us know!

Guides, Learning Materials, etc.

Guides cover any cookbook, how-to, playbook or similar materials that helps (aspiring) innovators innovate. Please submit any suggestions for learning materials to include.