The UN Innovation Network regularly hosts webinars and discussions to uncover emerging best practices, showcase successful innovations and learn about opportunity areas for innovations. Browse below to explore recordings from previous discussions.

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Fostering Innovation

Since the beginning of his term, the Secretary-General has highlighted the need for the UN to embrace innovation and called special attention to the importance of fostering innovation. The UN Innovation Network is hosting a series of webinars to explore steps UN Agencies might wish to take to promote more innovation.

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Innovations 4 Scale

Our Webinar Series Innovations 4 Scale aims to facilitate the exchange of successful approaches, share best practices and lessons learnt and encourage innovators who are working on similar topics to learn from and work with each other.

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Getting to Know

This webinar series explores how UN Entities have set up and structured their innovation functions to promote a culture of innovation and support innovators within and beyond their organisation. It is designed to inspire and help identify an approach that meets your unique organizational context and needs.

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Behavioural Insights

The following sessions were hosted as part of the first UN Behavioural Insights Week, which was jointly organised by UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNITAR, UN Women and the UN Innovation Network.