June 30, 2024

Research Challenge: Climate Change XX: Women’s Health in Focus

UNFPA invite proposals for a Research Challenge that specifically focus on the intersection of women’s health and climate change.

Through this challenge, UNFPA aims to:

  • Enhance the capacity of young and female researchers from UNFPA Programme Countries to develop research solutions at the intersection of women’s health and climate change by offering funding, capacity building, and engagement in developing research.
  • Expand the scope of research at the intersection of women’s health and climate change, thereby bolstering UNFPA's initiatives aimed at improving access to information, commodities, and services related to women’s health.
  • Increase women’s participation and engagement in climate solutions with a particular focus on locally-led participatory research approaches.

To accomplish these goals, the Research Challenge will select up to six teams and organizations as winners, prioritizing teams led by female researchers. Each selected proposal will build resilience in health systems and empower women and girls in regions most vulnerable to climate change.