February 16, 2024

Stability-and-Peace Accelerator

The global challenge of hunger and malnutrition is felt most acutely in fragile and conflict-affected settings (FCAs), where over 1.5 billion people face unprecedented threats to food security and livelihoods. The CGIAR, in partnership with the World Food Progamme (WFP)  Innovation Accelerator, are launching the "Stability-and-Peace Accelerator Programme" to seek and scale high-impact innovations that bolster food, land, and water systems (FLWS) in these vulnerable regions.

We are calling on innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers to come forward with groundbreaking solutions that can drive resilience, ensure food and nutrition security, enhance climate adaptability and promote social cohesion and sustainability among communities battered by conflict and fragility.

The WFP Innovation Accelerator and CGIAR will support selected teams through a comprehensive programme designed to accelerate the development of promising solutions and prepare them for scaling. Alongside financial, technical and business support, this includes the provision of scientific advisory, aimed to improve the innovator’s ability to create life-changing sustainability impact. Our focus is on sourcing and nurturing solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable and scalable, with the potential to create lasting positive change in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

We encourage organizations to submit their innovative solutions that help end hunger, reinforce communities against unexpected disruptions, ensure consistent access to nutritious food, foster inclusive economic opportunities, engage youth and enhance the resilience of food systems amidst the challenges of climate change.