Ensuring Industrial Safety & Security - Industrial Safety and Cybersecurity.

The 3rd episode of the webinar series will focus on Challenges to Cybersecurity in times of Covid-19 and beyond The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated use of digital technologies for remote working, communication, meetings, e-commerce, online ordering of products and services, financial transactions, distant learning, and social media and entertainment streaming. In industry, a virtual version of factories ("digital twins") to track physical conditions, and test operational changes at the factory floor have enabled to continue with the production processes in time of closure. The advance digital technologies have enabled to control virus spreading and have demonstrated that they can play a key role in enabling the socio-economic systems to function in time of lockdowns and quarantines. Moving rapidly to the digital world has also increased the risk of cyberattacks and has amplified the need for preserving cybersecurity and for using a more strategic approach to cybersecurity. Cyber‐crime has increased exponentially during the time of closure and remote working. Companies have struggled to maintain business continuity and to keep the organization safe from cyberattacks.

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