Her City supports urban development from a girl’s perspective. It guides urban actors to implement projects through a step-by-step methodology providing an open and digitally accessible platform for all. Together with experts and stakeholders in urban development, we have created a toolbox with a cost-efficient process to be incorporated within cities and communities. The toolbox follows a unique process containing 9 building blocks as a digital guideline on how to co-plan cities from a girl’s perspective. The 9 blocks represent the three phases of the urban development process. They will guide you through the assessment phase (block 1-3), the design phase (block 4-6) and the implementation phase (block 7-9). Each block contains a number of activities with detailed steps to follow in order to deliver on your Her City project. Tools such as checklists, calendars, agendas, manuals, forms, boards, apps, templates, surveys and visualisation services will help you on the way to reach the expected results.

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