UN 2.0 Week - Reimagining Education: Connectivity, Digital and Foresight for Inclusivity

While considerable efforts have been made over the past decades to ensure quality education for all, the number of children without access to basic education has started to rise again. Today, 250 million children – many of them girls – do not have access to education. In low and middle-income countries, 70 per cent of children who attend school never learn to read and write competently. This discussion will spotlight how connectivity, digital transformation and strategic foresight can be harnessed to re-envision how children learn. Discover initiatives from UNESCO, UNICEF, ITU and GIGA that ensure inclusive learning opportunities and help make education accessible for all. For more information on UN 2.0, please visit: https://un-two-zero.network/ and https://www.un-two-zero-week.org

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