Intelligent Robots for Space Science and Planetary Exploration 

With space missions increasing in number and expanding in scientific scope, autonomous robots are taking the lead in space exploration. This AI for Good webinar looks at the latest AI and robotic technologies for space science that are taking humanity into the future of interplanetary exploration missions, while promising to help improve life on Earth. Are intelligent machines ready to conquer space? How can we use them to safely explore lunar or planetary surfaces to provide reconnaissance, or perform water, oxygen, and soil sampling operations? Despite the growing use of robots in space, challenges remain to ensure reliable operation and robust long-term autonomy. Find out how robots can help space missions to reach remote and unknown areas, with the possibilities to augment the human ability to observe, adapt and acquire new knowledge. Ultimately, space robots may help us to better understand humanity’s place in the Universe and even help lay the foundations needed to inhabit other planets or moons.

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