Using the UN Biodiversity Lab 2.0 for Action on Nature, Climate and Sustainable Development (Part of the UNEP Digital Discovery Series)

Are you interested in learning how geospatial data and maps can support action for biodiversity, climate change, and sustainable development? Do you want to learn about free, open source tools that can enable implementation of the UN Common Approach for Biodiversity?  This UNEP Digital Discovery session provides a training on the UN Biodiversity Lab (UNBL), a platform that provides stakeholders with global spatial data and analytics to support action for people and planet. The training: \- Raises awareness about the power of geospatial spatial data for environmental planning, monitoring and reporting. \- Strengthens capacity of UN system staff to use geospatial data for action on biodiversity, climate change, and sustainable development. \- Promotes the use of UN Biodiversity Lab as a tool to support the use of geospatial data within UN agencies and across other stakeholder groups.

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