Working in and Managing Hybrid and Remote Teams (Remote Working Bootcamp)

Managing and working as part of hybrid teams, where some colleagues work from the office and others from home, offers advantages, but requires careful upfront investment in building relationships and team culture, defining expectations, setting up communication channels and developing sustainable remote work policies.

In this webinar, we are joined by Tanya Accone (Senior Adviser: Innovation at Scale) and Kat Crisp (Senior Innovation Specialist, both UNICEF), who will share experiences and lessons learnt from working in and managing a team that has been fully remote for the past six years.

The five-week bootcamp run in collaboration with Apolitical included the following sessions:

Week 1: Use the right tools to collaborate with your teamWeek 2: Host remote meetings & eventsWeek 3: Stay productive and avoid distractions at homeWeek 4: Look after your health & well-being while working remotelyWeek 5: Working in and managing “hybrid” teams
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